1. The Gyger map of 1667

On behalf of the government of the Canton of Zurich, Hans Konrad Gyger produced a map of the Canton with the surrounding neighbour regions. The map is oriented to the east and was after 30 years of work finalised in 1667.

In memory to the great cartographer and for the occation of the International Congress of Geography in Bern, the Zurich based printing office Hofer & Burger printed a facsimilie reproduction in 1891 of the entire album on a scale of 1:32'000.

Philippe Zehnder digitalised his own family exemplar and composed it in form of a pdf file.  

Gygerkarte in PDF    (35 MB)

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2. The map of Johannes Wild of 1850

Mandated by the government of the Canton Zurich, Johannes Wild produced between 1843 and 1851 a cantonal map of Zurich on a scale of 1:25'000.

The "Wild-Map" was not only the example for the following Siegfried map but was also taken as a model for the official map institute of Switzerland. (

Based on GIS data - Philippe Zehnder merged the data into one single map in the format of 140 x 140cm and in the orgiginal scale of 1:25'000.  

Wildkarte in JPG  (38 MB)

3. Book of family emblems of Thurgau

In 1940, Dr Julius Rickenmann established a book with the selection of the most important family emblems of the Canton of Thurgau. The book was printed in a limited edition of only 400 exemplars.

The book includes also the family emblem of the Zehnders of Aadorf, formerly from Ettenhausen.

Philippe Zehnder digitalised his own family exemplar and composed it in form of a pdf file.

The copyright of the book will expire at the end of 2016. The PDF download will only be available by next year.

4. Emblem of the Zehnders of Aadorf

Based on the information of the above mentioned book about all family emblems of the Canton of Thurgau, Philippe Zehnder redesigned and digitalised the emplem of the Zehnders of Aadorf.

Two different versions in high resolution are ready to be downloaded.

Wappen ohne Namen in PNG  (2.1 MB)

Wappen mit Namen in PNG  (2.1 MB)

5. Historical document of 1619

Andreas Zehnder (Zechendter) of Iltishausen is mentioned at the beginning of a ten pages long document of 1619. Andreas is most likely the grand father of Hans Heinrich Zehnder of Iltishausen (post line).

The original of this document is archived in a box called "7'47'23 Kloster Tänikon: M 1-30 Iltishausen, Rappenstein, Buecheren" at the public record office of the Canton of Thurgau in Frauenfeld.

A copy of the entire document is available and can be downloaded with the following link.

Dokument von 1619 in PDF  (14 MB)